About Us

Fort Republic! The promising band from Angeles City! They got talent, they got the attitude, they got the skills and they got what it takes to ROCK YOUR NIGHT!

The band came from a very long history of previous bands since the mid 90’s. With years of countless gigs under their belt… well… what can we expect? A ROCK SHOW! By just watching them play, you can feel how they are close to each other… after all they are all best buddies! That’s why when they put up a show it will definitely be a differentiated gig that you’ll never see happen again!

Frontman vocalist Aeron has been singing for many years now. He definitely can bring the crowd to a gig nobody will forget! His expertise in drawing crowds, letting them sing along with the top of their lungs and slammin’ with the crowd that begs for more!

Guitarist and vocals Neypacs knows how to rock it out! With the grooves, slammin’, wicked back ups and interaction to the crowd adds up to the fireworks of the night! Hailing from a lot of prominent bands he definitely knows how to move everybody with his growling vocals and passionate sad songs.

Bassman Gabs has a long history as well of having joined prominent bands locally. He is a respected bass player in his own time. He surely knows how to slam at his age. After all, who knows better than the man himself being the best bassist! His humor and wits will kill you! Silent but deadly! that’s just a joke!

Oh yes… the drummer of course! Erwin on the drum stool smoking his favorite cigars… well he knows what the band needs and what does he do… HE ROCKS IT HARD! Every gig is always a unique rendition of cover songs. People admire his style… He is humble but does not know he is sooo good at it. Never complain… Just PLAY HARD!

The band is so easy to go with; on or off stage they are the same person you get to talk to. What you see is what you get! For bookings let us know! Contact us!