Musikerong Kapampangan: The Flame Rekindled

By neypacs (written drunk after the gig)

BALIBAGO, Angeles City – Last April 20, 2012 was a momentous event for the Kapampangan music scene.  A concert featuring promising bands from Pampanga and joined by the legendary ASIN definitely rocked the night as they celebrate Earth Day “Metung Yatu”.  It was one wicked experience from start to finish!  But such event wouldn’t be possible if not for the unconditional efforts of the administrators of Musikerong Kapampangan.

It only started as a small group with one vision, to nurture Kapampangan talents and rekindle the flame that almost died out which burned through out the 90’s.  It has grown to be an established non-profit organization from countless musicians from all genres.  It has been a musician’s have or sanctuary.  It has formed a bond through musicians that most of them have not been acquainted but send messages as if they are buddies for years.  It has brought everybody together.  This is what Musikerong Kapampangan is all about.

The Earth Day concert included performances by Tea 4 Two, Asthma, FORT REPUBLiC, Wall Breakers, Grassroots, Marcos Cronies, Tibuan, Luid MK, Chocolate Factory, SOJ and of course the main event, ASIN!  It was a mix of repertoires from reggae, rock, blues and originals.  Every band showcased their big guns and it was already a blast!  Just like in promo videos, “but wait, there’s more!”

ASIN fired off their legendary songs and her music was embraced once more from all ages that were in the event.  Though ASIN was some band I only knew when I was a kid who reminds me of my dad and uncles, hearing her live after 30 years, she is still so damn wicked!  Her voice just gives me goose bumps.  You could just close your eyes and sing with it.  Lolita Carbon sang her songs as if it was the first time.  You could see the passion from how she played accompanied by tenured musicians supporting her.

ASIN’s drummer gave an eye catching drum solo, he literally continued playing making everything around him like percussive instruments, then there was another drum set on the far side of the venue continuing his drum solo.  It was very entertaining.

Lolita Carbon mentioned a lot of things about being in Pampanga and embracing Kapampangan culture.  She even mentioned that she was adopted by Angeles City during her time making good friends with Kapampangan legendary icons.

All in all, the event was a huge success!  Consisting of tenured musicians and non-musicians, the admins of the group Musikerong Kapampangan deserve all the credit for the hard work to make this event possible.  From the president of the group Paul Lauricio to the rest of the staff that unconditionally gave their effort “without any hesitation and questions asked.”  Not expecting in return but giving a 100% dedication is something you don’t see everyday.  Just by looking around, the venue, several HD video cameras covered the whole event (courtesy of Rock and Roll Archivist Rommel Valencia), booths from different vendors that showcase their products like Chestone air guitars (made in Pampanga) and MK apparel and an awesome set up on stage courtesy of PLG Lights and Sounds.  Truly it rekindled the flame of the 90’s to show the younger generation how music, brotherhood and passion can make anything possible!

We will surely expect more events from these guys and we will watch out for that!  You can follow Musikerong Kapampangan on Facebook and be part of the movement!

Credits to MK Admins:

Randy Santos, Paul Lauricio, Ian Alejandro, Neypacs Austria, Errol Rock, Dino Doliente, Rommel Valencia, Nerry Navarro, Jojo Due, Kryz Umlas, Angelo Long, Bhey Sibug, Reden Dizon, Alfa Tsino, Guido Cortez and Donnie Castro

And Admins abroad for their support:

Ronnie Mabanta, Bot Santos, Iohan Reyes, Don Morales and Angelo-Adrian Ramos

Here is a video clip of the Earth Day concert courtesy of admin Rommel Valencia.

4 thoughts on “Musikerong Kapampangan: The Flame Rekindled

      • So is Musikerong Kapampangan for Kapampangan musical talents? All I see participating here are rock and pop bands who are all based in Pampanga. When will they actually showcase traditional Kapampangan musicians in big events such as this one? Can we expect (if not, dare) Musikerong Kapampangan to bring pulosa acts on predominantly showband venues such as Wishing Well? If there are musical talents who definitely need nurturing, it has to be the traditional musicians, for so many reasons.

      • Good point, that may be addressed in some of their meetings. But both traditional and modern musicians are ALL welcome… any genre… anything… as long as you are Kapampangan. It is also not limited to musicians… even visual artists participate in these events. It’s a new group, it was a kick off event so we will just have to wait then what will be the group’s next step. Thanks for the input…

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