Squier Telecaster Custom II and the David Gilmour Black Strat

by Neypacs

I haven’t posted any new blogs for quite a while and I wanted to share something that I had on my mind for several months now.  I always wanted a classic guitar with an attitude.

One guitar caught my attention is the Squier Telecaster Custom II.  I like the specs where the difference from a classic telecaster is the bridge, knobs and pick ups… plus the toggle switch for the pick up selector.  The maple neck blends perfectly to my eyes with the black on black body that I personally like.

Having 3 kids, I have a very tight budget and buying a US Fender Tele will definitely burn a hole in my pocket!  So, going for a the Squire version and the specs that’s just right for the type of songs we play is good enough!

One artist who uses this exact same model and brand is Ocho Toleran of former Queso Ocho Toleran FRANCOand Franco.  He covered the brand Squier on the head stock with a “flaming 8 Ball” sticker or decal to personalize it and add angst! =)

I have been hunting this guitar ever since I saw Franco play live at Marquee Mall Pampanga.  They rock and the black on black guitar adds more attitude.  I want one for Christmas Santa!

As an inspiration I thought of jazzing up one of my guitars…

What I did to my Fernandes Stratocaster is I changed the pick guard to balck to make it an all black strato which unaware looks like a David Gilmour Stratocaster Series!  I left the white pick ups, knobs and selector.  Looks good though when up on stage.


I changed the knobs and pick up covers to black recently. =)

Here’s  an image of the David Gilmour Black Strat.

and here’s my version of the black strat… this was taken at one of our gigs!  It originally has the white pick guard but after changing the pick guard to black, it added angst, attitude and power!  Getting the right guitar translates to a good performance and a comfortable feel on stage.

About the author – Neypacs plays guitars for Fort Republic and is the moderator of this site.  Like us  on Facebook and feel free to comment on our blogs.

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