The Franco Experience

By Neypacs

It was one Sunday afternoon and with my kids at marquee mall. I came across one of my fellow musician Jon Tanganco and I asked him “You guys playing today on stage?” he said no but he mentioned about Franco Reyes is on tonight. He gave me tickets for the show and said “show starts at arount 6pm!”

It was already 5:30pm! Oh sh@t!!! I went back home with haste, drop the kids off, got back to marquee mall then… there it was… Franco singing Castaway… what an experience! My drummer Erwin was lucky enough to join me and bought an album (original) of course for support and had an autograph signed by the group. With us was also Faelmar Ocampo of Chiro for some CD signing… here are some pics…

Jan Jan, FRANCO and Ocho Toleran

Angeles City Bands, Pinoy Bands, OPM Rock Band

Gab, Jan Jan, FRANCO and Ocho Toleran

Too bad Buwi was not around to perform with the boys but it was still one awesome experience!  I think I’ll be getting a sleeve tattoo anytime soon! Keep rockin’!!!

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