Musikerong Kapampangan Be Proud to Be One!

By Neypacs of Fort Republic

Angeles City has been a breeding ground for musicians for ages.  There have been many talents that sprouted from small beginnings here.  Angeles City Bands, Pinoy Bands, OPM Rock Band

Apple Pineda from the Black Eyed Peas is one true monument for Kapampangan musicians to be proud of.  Thia Megia of American Idol, her parents hailed from Angeles City and once visited our humble town several months ago to get back to her roots.  Rolly Quizon who is one of the most respected drummer in the Philippines.  Oliver De Castro of former Toy Symphony showcased how Angeles City breeds talents to fine craftsmanship. 

Maychelle Baay of Moonstar88 started out from humble beginnings being the lead vocalist of the all female rock group Amethyst during the 90’s.  Also, Analgesia who released their album with the hit song “Hoy Bawal Dyan!” and “Ayaw ni Mama ng Rock” and made numerous TV appearances with other artists.

Of course who would forget the mid 90’s San Miguel National Battle of the Bands finals where Riot Mob pierced through to get to the finals to represent region 3!

These are just some of the few names that are certified Kapampangan by heart or by blood!

I have been a musician for more than half of my life.  For 16 years it has been a roller coaster ride for me and have been with numerous bands from different genres.

I still remember during the early 90’s when rock bands sprouted from everywhere and there were couple of bars that feature local talent nightly.

There was once a bar called CIRCA just below the ancestral monument Bale Harencia.  It featured many local talents and one of the best was AlcoholicA who cover vicious Metallica covers at that time.

Another bar that became a haven for rockers was Cowboy Grill which was located beside Shakey’s Dau.  It featured bands nightly and was a big thing at the time.  Among the best bands were Riot Mob, Millenium, Analgesia, Alcoholica and many more.

This was the time when high school kids started cutting classes filling rehearsal studios just to jam their favorite songs.  This was the head bang years my friend!  Studios like Kong Jess in Sunset, Intensity Jamming Studio in Pulung Bulu and of course Woodshed in front of HFA in the heart of Angeles City.  How much was it then for an hour, P60?

One bar that I grew with was a sanctuary for visual artist, sculptures, poets and bands.  This was Culture Shack Gallery Cafe along fields avenue.  It was an artist’s home where music and art fuses together to showcase Kapampangan talents.  From reggae, rock, new wave, alternative, industrial rock and r n b… It was indeed a mix of different styles of musical art celebrating what Kapampangan do best.

Bands like Crossbridge, Rebel Yell/Crank to 11, Cartoon Madness, Grass Roots, Lucid Interval, Yin Yang and H20  were  the crowd favorites at Culture Shack Gallery Cafe and played nightly to provide entertainment for all genres.

Today, I still play on gigs regularly since music is in my blood and I feel I’m still  competitive and can still rooooll!  I share the same sentiments to many of my peers and am so glad that these lads created a Facebook page Musikerong Kapampangan for all of us.  Members are from all ages, all genres and all walks of life.  It started with just few members and soon became one big family.

Musikerong Kapampangan has evolved to be an organization by musician for musicians to lean on and help nurture our culture.  It is a group that reignited the fire of Kapampangan talents whether old school or newbies, it has set a trend.

They conduct regular meetings to discuss projects or issues that can be addressed to help fellow musicians.  The Facebook page has helped musicians promote their shows, share their poetic outburst or even sometimes a place to ask for prayers who needed it most.

Be proud to be Kapampangan!

The pillars of this group are musicians like us who have the tenure to lead us.  Be one of us and join us on Facebook and be part of the family!

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Fort Republic and Musikerong Kapampangan

(If there have been names that the author may have missed or any corrections, please feel free to let me know and place your comments.)

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